Public Enemy

The legendary rap group rails against "dictator" Trump in "State of the Union."
The famed hypeman accused the Democratic candidate and rap group leader Chuck D of deceiving the public before Sanders' LA campaign rally.
This isn't about how the sausage was made. This is about how Sgt. Pepper, Thriller and Fear of a Black Planet were made. It
Harrower's is an understandable approach, but there is a sense that, as a result, aspects of the complete Ibsen version have
Election-year politics getting you down? Fear not, music fans of America: a new supergroup featuring members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill is set to tour the country just as the 2016 presidential race gets into full swing.
"Into Dust" is a wicked track - and I mean that very nicely. Talk to me about the evolution of the single and how it fits
What troubled me was Interactive Bureau's, VP of Public Policy, Brad Weltman's statement that "the new labeling requirements
The legendary hip-hop pioneers piled into a fan's Ford Focus, getting to their show with 15 minutes to spare.
Whenever empire responds to radical change, the response is always brutal. As our nation continues to bear witness to gross atrocities committed against Black bodies and Black minds, it is clear that our nation is witnessing the brutalities that accompany the striking back of an empire.