public housing

'There’s a lot of scariness that comes with this.'
Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are pushing to reduce recidivism and homelessness by helping ex-offenders find stable housing.
Opponents say the change would harm an already vulnerable group.
Donald Trump’s nominee for the Federal Reserve Board admitted he had “a long paper trail” in making controversial jokes and comments.
Should cities invest in neighborhoods with the greatest need, or those likely to prosper?
They are working with activists, planners and government to turn an abandoned government building into studios, public housing and a shelter for refugees.
Public housing is the accommodation of last resort in the U.S. Not so in Austria's capital city.
Breed promised to be a voice for those who grew up in public housing, just like she did.
The executive order provides $250 million for necessary repairs, upgrades and construction in public housing.
HUD Secretary Ben Carson has removed a promise of inclusive communities from his agency’s mission statement.
The deadly blaze has triggered a debate on public housing and safety.
The Tenement Museum offers a series of tours to curious patrons.
Community Solutions works in neighborhoods around the country to provide practical, data-driven solutions to the complicated
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When the rich like Trump do badly, they get more money. When low-wage workers faithfully perform their jobs, Trump says, "Give them less money!"
In reality, only one in four families who qualify for housing assistance receives it. In the face of stagnating or falling incomes and soaring housing costs, eviction has become more commonplace in America than ever.
If another gang raid is in the works, it's unlikely to help a situation where young people are surrounded by violence, poverty and police surveillance. In fact, it's just part of a cycle that keeps unfolding on both ends of Harlem.