public housing

In the 1990s, the nation’s largest public housing authority helped popularize energy-efficient refrigerators. Now it’s ready to do the same for heat pumps.
Lynne Patton, a former Trump administration official, was found to have violated the Hatch act and will not be allowed to work in the federal government for four years.
The New Yorkers, interviewed by a federal housing official, didn't know they’d be featured at the Republican National Convention, The New York Times reported.
The bill, part of a wave of progressive legislation, would undo Clinton-era restrictions on public housing in a bid to tackle the climate and housing crises at once.
Though unlikely to pass, the bill offers a glimpse of how a policy to slash climate-changing emissions can reduce poverty and racial inequality.
The location, in the shadow of New York's dirtiest power plant, is a deliberate choice by the senator and his campaign.
'There’s a lot of scariness that comes with this.'
Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are pushing to reduce recidivism and homelessness by helping ex-offenders find stable housing.
Opponents say the change would harm an already vulnerable group.