public indecency

"Two eight-year-old boys and a nine-year-old girl saw and had to have their eyes averted."
Deputies in Richmond County, Ga., confronted Jermaine Lloyd, 28, Sunday morning. He was hiding behind a tree. At the time
If brought to justice, the poop-a-trator would not be the first person to get in trouble for allegedly defecating in the
I know that part of the joy of sex is freedom of expression -- and I think it's great when people want to try new things -- but a few of you have been embarrassing our gender these past couple of weeks.
The accused Denver International Airport rapist told jurors today that he did not tell detectives about a note that was allegedly
Contrary to Fodera's claim, the widely not-celebrated Opposite Day is actually commemorated on Jan. 25 annually. An Indianapolis
Officials with the park escorted the man and women straight from their "tunnel of love" to the park exit, without allowing
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Where is the oversight of those who declare what is indecent? Indeed, where is the oversight of those who are providing oversight?