Public intoxication

The South Carolina woman avoided a DUI charge, but was cited for public intoxication..
He reportedly went back to keep arguing with the guard at his gated community.
"She's very fortunate that the train went over her and did not strike her," Dorsey told The Huffington Post on Friday. "She's
A drunken man in Linfen, northern China, dangled for 15 minutes from high-voltage wires, seemingly oblivious of the danger
A total of 40 people were arrested at the 2013 Rose Parade or Rose Bowl game, according to Pasadena police. All but two of
The Washington Post reports: The misdemeanor case was dismissed Tuesday by a court in Rockbridge County, Va. Ryan spokesman
WATCH: Just hours after meeting with city and Coast Guard officials to discuss his beached yacht, the 48-year-old Calabrese
Riley was charged misdemeanor child endangerment, disorderly conduct and public intoxication, the Chicago Tribune reports
It was an easy DUI arrest for police last week when a man parked on a curb outside the police station and his female passenger