public media

He says he means it this time.
Today, channels cater to the least individual viewer, producing vanilla content designed only to echo the ideas already being circulated in popular culture. Public, independent programs are the last bulwark of integrity in the battle against the monotone emanating from our televisions.
On the surface, Hungary enjoys freedom of the press. The Internet is a veritable free-for-all displaying a full range of opinions. But if you look a little deeper, this freedom of the press is actually quite limited.
Journalism is at a major crossroads. The digital revolution has turned print and broadcast upside down and although the media are more successful than ever on many levels, the traditional role of journalism as democracy's watchdog is at risk.
The Faculty Media Impact Project shows the means to do this are in our hands now. All that stands between us and a win-win situation is our willingness to think in new, holistic ways about how not only to advance science, but to advance public understanding.
Not only do American families want government-supported public broadcasting, they need it now more than ever.
I'm concerned that the comic edge may obscure the truth: Big Bird is an avian proxy -- what Romney really proposes is to kill a golden goose. Crippling public broadcasting would result in devastating cultural and educational losses.
Although the airwaves that all media travel over are, in fact, owned by the public, commercial entities continue to expand and dominate them, and it is critical that American citizens demand a stake in the information coming into their homes.
Public television provides an opportunity for programs that aspire to something more than a train wreck the chance to find an audience. It's an incubator of sorts for shows with actual redeeming social value.
Youth Radio/Youth Media International (YMI) is a youth-driven converged media production company that delivers the best youth
When I was 17, as part of the Youth Radio newsroom, I did the narrative voiceovers for a Morning Edition series on National
It turns out that large and small stations alike along with NPR and PBS are in danger of losing the public support that they've
The fact that professional journalists turn to democracy activists to help them "save the news" shows that journalism depends on democracy.
How can Aspen Ideas Fest be harnessed for the common good so that everyone in the country can be exposed to it, not just the few of us privileged to attend such events?
As I told the FCC on Friday, the discussion about public media's future in the digital age comes at a critical juncture: We have a crisis. We have an historic opportunity. And we shouldn't let either go to waste.
By failing to provide coverage of global events, is the media actively promoting decreased attention to the world around us?
Here's the story: ABC News and its chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross have been reporting on the problem of "runaway
There's going to be a second stimulus package at some point. And when it comes, we need to make sure it's not just an economic stimulus. It should be a creativity stimulus, too.