public office

Obama needs to be just as frank now that Trump has been elected--and especially as his votes are recounted in Wisconsin and
Women are underrepresented in 145 out of 145 countries.
A critical distinction exists between a Muslim and a radical Islamist. Muslims may serve. Radical Islamists who reject constitutional democracy and allegiance to the US Constitution may not.
Need more inspiration? Wendy Davis is not alone in confronting increasingly absurd legislative efforts aimed at maintaining the status quo and the will of dominant institutions.
Whose fault is it when public leaders are ousted over bad personal behavior? Does power corrupt, or were these leaders predisposed to this kind of behavior when we elected them?
It appears that most of the 646 MPs underwent an ethical bypass operation, and, in consequence, lost their sense of public duty.
Hilary could not then and cannot now afford to promote 'soft power' for fear of appearing weak. 'Smart power', given her own concerns about politics and gender, is the best she can do.