public-private partnerships

In the public-private partnership, the private entity rakes it in – and the public is thrown into crisis.
“Privatization will not solve our infrastructure problems," said Sen. Ron Wyden.
Already the administration has signaled its willingness to help specific energy projects - like the Keystone XL Pipeline
This week saw the 28th African Union Summit take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Along with the diplomatic challenges facing
We are still a long way from gaining a deeper level of understanding about the operation of PPPs that seek social change
Elaine Chao, pick for transportation secretary also supports public-private partnerships
Elaine Chao, pick for transportation secretary also supports public-private partnerships
Poor quality and inaccessible information about school performance is preventing parents and governments from making good
The trend is the rapid introduction of new technologies that are commercially viable in poor nations, capable of providing
President-elect Donald Trump has made infrastructure investment one of his top priorities for the first few months of his administration. While the details of the program are still unclear, these investments may have real impact in the energy sector.
Large companies often do not have the natural advantage of serving disparate communities that require a highly customized
This is a dramatic change to the Turkish Project Finance landscape, which had traditionally been dominated by Turkish banks
On November 4, the historic Paris Agreement for global action on climate change will enter into force, catalyzing collective
However, investments and public-private partnerships must crucially focus on solutions to regional sustainable development
Why are these media initiatives and others proving effective? In part, it's because media taps into our biology. First, more
A consensus is growing that infrastructure across the country needs serious investment. Public financing is the least expensive
I have blogging for a while about how cash-strapped governments are managing to grow out of crisis.