public punishment

She said “corporal punishment has been ineffective."
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact HuffPost Parents But in a twist, the dad instead gives his son a hug
The controversy over public shaming as punishment has intensified in recent years as these cases have gone viral online, as
Responses to Lagares' actions were mixed on KCENTV's Facebook page, with some applauding the father's actions, and others
One dad got pretty creative with his punishment for his daughter, according to a viral photo posted to online forum Reddit
Does mom know best? Signs as punishment have been cropping up all over, but consensus among experts seems to be that public
Throughout the WESH 2 News interview, Jasmine hid her face but was clearly in tears when asked if this punishment would make
"Smoked Pot, got caught. Don't I look cool? Not." Though some parents have used the tactic as punishment for more serious
Joseph Gonzalez, who made his 12-year-old son stand on a corner with an "I Am A Thief" sign, counters with the argument that
Below, five more signs children have worn as punishment: Belkin offered the explanation that, "In a moment when so much else