public relations

Exxon Mobil Corp., Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Total and BP together have spent more than $1 billion on public relations since the Paris Agreement.
A viral, bizarre interview with Drew Barrymore in an Egyptair magazine was too ridiculous for people to believe, and the actress’ reps are saying that she didn’t even participate in the interview.
Meet the shadowy PR firm working to confirm Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.
CAA and Polaris PR back away from the actor after sexual misconduct accusations expand, the L.A. Times reports.
Do you have a meaningful idea or story to tell? Do you have a different take on a traditional topic? Have you undergone an
#Onward and #Upward Pokemon/Nintendo: Nintendo massively cashed in on the nostalgia trend in the entertainment industry this
In the tech industry - what does sales need from marketing? Sales needs simple and effective sales tools and programs to
Agents of trust, as advanced by the PR industry, are in fact advocates not information officers. They are trained to drive
Fake news is poised to make the leap from an obscure aspect of political skullduggery to a mainstream marketing practice.
The best key messages are believable, easy to understand, distinctive, credible, succinct and drive your agenda. Catriona
However, if your company deals with a larger, more diverse niche, the need for multiple spokespeople is imperative. You want
It's Okay to Say It Hurt, If You Include How It's Being Remedied If you've never been criticized, you probably haven't done
Today the Financial Times announced the annual 2016 OUTstanding Top 100, which celebrates the world's leading LGBT senior
The public relations counseling firm they founded together was enormously successful. "For a long time, he was known as 'U.S
Lastly, I would add this industry is not for everyone. I see many wanting to jump on because they see a gold rush. Those
I am so blessed to work with some of the best of the best businesses in my industry. And while all my current clients are phenomenal, I have had a few during my last 9 years in business that have been... challenging. It's the nature of being a business owner and working in a service-based industry, and ultimately these types of clients help us grow and learn.