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No one should ever have to prepare for a mass shooting, but these safety tips might save your life.
The Army veteran's life has been completely changed by his injury, his lawyer said.
A new report urges the Trump administration not to return to failed drug policies of the past.
Renato Sérgio de Lima, Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE/FGV) Somewhere between outraged and
Julita Lemgruber, Universidade Candido Mendes and Leonarda Musumeci, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Bandido bom é bandido
Co-authored by Alyssa Derosa, clinic student, in the Liberty & National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice
Jan. 7, 2016 -- A report on e-cigarettes released at the end of last year by the US Surgeon General's office shows a number
Here are some reasons why ROBORanger™ is gaining massive crowdsourcing support as the world's smartest SOS system: A 5-year
Police officers are always on duty, even when they're off. While we sleep, they're awake. When we're out in public having fun, they're watching over us. As we pursue our education, our professional careers and our dreams, they put their lives on the line to make sure we have every opportunity to succeed.
Carmelyn P. Malalis is the Commissioner and Chair of the New York City Commission on Human Rights. Nisha Agarwal is the Commissioner
"I'm too old for this s--t," the deputy says as we wait on the bus for processing. He is 65 years old. "I feel sorry for the ones coming up, I couldn't do 25 years of this." He is referring to a lack of public appreciation for police.
Freedom to congregate in public places, attend school, ride a train, enjoy a concert or travel in safety are all in the crosshairs of an increasingly violent world, where terrorism and other mass casualty events have honed in on so-called soft targets.
As the tug-o-war pulling apart Europe's political, social and economic cohesion plays out on the fringes -- with the improbable Brexit vote on one side and the failed coup in Turkey on the other -- forced solidarity is being called into question by an increasing number of once loyal countries.
Which is why every self-respecting Pokémon master needs to keep these tips in mind when throwing down at night. 'Pokémon
More than 280 people have been killed in the great city of Chicago since the first of the year. Thousands more are living under siege in neighborhoods where they fear sitting on their front porches or letting their kids out to play because of the threat of gun violence. No one in the United States of America should ever have to live this way.
Another avoidable mass casualty event has been visited upon innocent Americans. This time 49 lives have been claimed with