Public security

The previously secret documents also warn of disease outbreaks, panic buying at supermarkets, and huge traffic jams if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.
"There is NO Active Shooter at Dupont Circle. There are injuries from people running from what they thought were gunshots," tweeted the deputy mayor for public safety.
Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, believes the only good criminal is a dead one. Many Brazilians agree.
The Trump administration wants to withhold money from sanctuary cities.
Handing public security to the military is likely to worsen the plight of poor residents who are already subject to the worst of Rio's violence.
U.S.-Mexico relations are also in desperate need of "normalization." In order to best support the democratic development south of the Rio Grande, the U.S. should break with the silent pact of impunity with corrupt Mexican officials and open up the bilateral agenda to active bottom-up citizen participation.
Brazil is the world's murder capital. Its grisly toll cannot be put down to a so-called culture of violence. To the contrary: These preventable deaths are a result of policy failures. Brazil's violent crime wave can be reversed.