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Would a little buzz really be so bad, wonders Cecily Strong.
"This nice guy s**t? It’s done," the actor warned in his own take on a coronavirus pandemic PSA.
The Autistic Self Advocacy Network cut ties with the children's show over public service ads the nonprofit says are harmful.
“It’s about survivors regaining control of their own stories and taking hold of their own healing journeys," says the founder of the Me Too movement.
Farting is funny. Smoking is not. That's the dynamic which fuels this amusing spot from the Ontario Ministry of Health's "Quit The Denial" campaign in Canada. The bit follows a woman from her shrink's office to a party of flatulent friends to show how her farting becomes an addictive crutch. Titled "Social Farter", the ad is rather, um, long-winded, requiring nearly a minute of passing gas before revealing its point.
What do you think? Is the ad a stinker, or does it blow you away? Check it out in the video below. "Social smoking is as
In order to draw attention to the "thousands of people [who] die behind the wheel due to texting" every year, Responsible
The Burma Campaign, a UK based human rights organization focused on the Burma Crisis has followed in the steps of the US