public sex

"Two eight-year-old boys and a nine-year-old girl saw and had to have their eyes averted."
As someone who loves both hot dogs and sex, I have decided to compile a list of the weirdest places I've had sex, paired with a not so ordinary hot dog that I've eaten.
Adams was allegedly “fully naked exposing his penis,” according to The Smoking Gun. Adams and Gilbert were taken to the Sumter
She apologized through tears as she walked out of court. She'll get credit for time served and has 135 days left to her sentence
In a four-year period where privacy is tough to come by, having sex in public can be one of the top fantasies for college
He wanted to be Homecoming queen, and now he's the belle of the ball -- in jail. He is currently in the St. Clair County
Jennifer Harvey, 41, and Richard McBride, 37, were arrested Tuesday afternoon after officers -- 25 of them, all on bikes