public spaces

Target 11.7 of the SDG on cities aims to "provide universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces
The women's restroom in any place--a club, a restaurant, an airport, a mall--is a hub of anthropological activity.
Public spaces allow for expressions of higher education's best democratic values -- free exchange of ideas, thoughtful discussion, appeal to evidence and respect for different perspectives. Such spaces can engage people's private interests and identities.
Who needs peace and quiet when you have the run of the opera, street festivals, and sports games, something different every night? These numbers can certainly help smart urban leaders continue to make city life as compelling as possible.
Can we just get a decent sandwich? Please?
Top: Alicia DeBrincat's work at Dream Downtown. Bottom: AVone's work at Dream Downtown. An IndieWalls art program is now
To begin our conversation, Rockwell reached for a framed photo of himself lying in a hammock as a student in the design studio
Hand-decorated swings are popping up all over St. Petersburg, Florida. Hanging from trees, overpasses, and anything else that would support both the weight of a transformed plank of wood and its passenger, are brightly decorated swings.
The influence of the new digital commons in democratic uprisings has been chronicled at length. But the importance of a much older form of commons has earned scant attention: the public spaces.
Q: Describe how public spaces and commons have been lost or overrun? BT and HR: We define public space as where people debate
If we know that space influences how we feel then why don't we make more effort to create "beauty" in places where feeling inspired is key to community?
If you want to read about the adventures of a group of Orange County writers and activists who decide to tool around Cuba for a week (under the guise of a company retreat!) read on.
Throughout this month, Governors Island plays host to the Dutch government-sponsored New Island Festival, a two-week art extravaganza featuring provocative theater, installation, and music events.