As entrepreneurs, we craft the unique offerings of our companies, their brands, their culture, the people we hire and the products we offer. Most of us can and should design all of these things better--doing better doesn't have to be expensive. It simply requires thought.
The cool thing about this natural ability is that it can be turned into a profitable career. But you can't just talk about anything and everything; you have to establish yourself as an expert first.
The most elegant panel members are very subtle in their delivery. Above the fray, they exude confidence in themselves and their companies without beating their own drum. They know they're experts without saying so. Those are the panel members who always have the most people seeking them out for one-on-one conversations after the Q&A session.
In today's economy, advertising is expensive and business owners can't compete with corporate budgets. There's an easy, cost-effective way to rise above the noise. It's called speakmarketing.