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How about when someone simply has to tell you about how they fell in love? Isn't that the most boring, irritating thing you
The family--or, rather, the cast--is exceptional. Sanders is marvelous as a modern-day blue collar male treading water, the
Kate Whoriskey, of Ruined and the recent Aubergine, is well in tune with Nottage; the play moves briskly and the actors are
Projectile blood is just one spectacle in Shakespeare's problem play, Troilus and Cressida, as staged at Central Park's Delacorte
The above is not to dismiss the importance of the subject matter. Runaways populating big city streets are often the victims
____________________ The play is misogynistic, and knowing that it was the norm in Shakespeare's time doesn't reduce any
At last, I can talk about Hamilton. It hasn't been easy, waiting, wondering: what is all the fuss about -- is it for real? Not that I doubted Hamilton. I just couldn't get a ticket.
"When you go to the camp and ask people what they want, they say they want to die. They have no jobs, no hope." Juliano Mer
"Vacations are for amateurs," sneers Jenny, a cofounder of a private-equity firm. She's ambitious, smart and driven by excessive profits -- by any means necessary.
Dry Powder is not, as you might suspect, another one of those contemporary dramas about affluent Manhattan husbands trying to adjust to life with their toddler sleeping in the next room.