public transit

A woman is sexually harassed every 20 hours on São Paulo’s trains, buses and subways, a HuffPost Brazil analysis finds.
Union workers vowed not to support "hate group" accommodation for those attending the upcoming rally.
Transportation investments work. Look no further than the Expo Line extension to Santa Monica that opened earlier this year
A consensus is growing that infrastructure across the country needs serious investment. Public financing is the least expensive
The potential deal begs a fundamental question about public goods and services. Who do we want to control them? Us, or a small handful of investors and Wall Street banks?
One man just took the ultimate ride in record time.
If Uber and Lyft choose to take their fight to the state level against basic local safety standards, the results may undermine the will of the voters and would certainly demonstrate a disregard for local democracy.
Clean air, clean water, cleaner energy and fewer toxics are important values shared by all Chicagoans. This Earth Day, let's be proud of our progress, and let's seize opportunities to advance a cleaner, greener and safer community that works for all.
That bottleneck leads to frequent delays and prevents adequate reverse commuting, thereby obstructing the economic growth
Affordable homes don't just help families that live in them. They can also make a big dent in smog, traffic and the greenhouse gases that are disrupting our climate -- if we put those homes near public transportation and include other amenities that encourage walking and biking.
Priority seating isn't just for pregnant women or people with disabilities.
Passengers will be able to plan trips that combine public transportation with Uber rides and walking.