You may think I'm fancy, me with my Huff Post articles and all. But I promise you, Arianna has no idea who I am. WANTED: WCWSC
At campus bookstores, the average cost of an access code alone was100.24. Given the rapid expansion of this new product in
I thought I'd never need to read another how-to-get-published book. I've got a whole shelf of them in my writing room, btw
Before teaching college theology/religious studies, I taught college academic ESL (English as a second language) writing for twenty-four years. I taught students whose first or best language is not English. One day at the start of class, I wrote on the board: "You cannot BS your way through the writing proficiency exam" (a graduation requirement). Then I asked, "Can someone tell me what BS means?"
This journey is forcing me to leave my comfort zone and push on. I'm hoping to prove that a dinosaur can adapt to her new terrain, and not succumb to extinction.
What we're talking about is facing ad blocking, rather than fighting it. This requires the ad industry to essentially admit its error and move on to fresh tactics. Addressing ad blocking in this fashion has the potential to save careers and revitalize online advertising.
Free Science Let's go through the process of publishing a research paper, and see how easy and effortless it became: 1) The
Your customers can smell advertorial from a mile away, hence the inception of unbiased brand journalism -- a service to your niche audience, which if done well, can turn into a healthy prospect list and thriving community.
If you're an unknown quantity, and you aren't sleeping with someone at a literary agency--or even if you are, in some cases--it's virtually impossible to get face time with a publishing professional, be it an agent, editor, or publisher.
AT: Spending time in the hole isn't anything new for prisoners. Now, you've done hole-time for attempted murder, in a high