Puerto Ricans

Thousands of Puerto Ricans fleeing Hurricane Maria settled in Pennsylvania. Democrats hope to capitalize on these voters' dissatisfaction with Trump.
In her Republican National Convention speech, Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend apparently overlooked the fact that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.
The acclaimed musician looks back at his controversial national anthem performance and opens up about his new song, "I'm America."
In a U.S. territory where the two parties revolve around statehood or commonwealth status, a new movement wants to offer an alternative.
The celebrated author reflects on Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican politics and how she stays connected to her culture from hundreds of miles away.
Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez will take up the post after weeks of turmoil.
Now, if he survives a Senate confirmation vote, Pedro Pierluisi will oversee the effort to privatize the island’s public power company.
Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has refused to step down after leaked messages between him and other officials sparked outrage last week.
The questions include trivia like what kind of meat is in a plantain fritter, according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.
Civil rights groups that sued on behalf of thousands of Puerto Ricans say the ruling recognizes that Spanish speakers are not "second-class citizens."