Puerto Rico

Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez will take up the post after weeks of turmoil.
Now, if he survives a Senate confirmation vote, Pedro Pierluisi will oversee the effort to privatize the island’s public power company.
The move, announced Friday by Rosselló as he officially resigned, is likely to spark more political controversy in Puerto Rico.
Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez tweeted Sunday that she hopes Gov. Ricardo Roselló will appoint a secretary of state before resigning Aug. 2.
Photos of a Russian space launch, Puerto Rican protests and a major heatwave round out this week's best images.
After days of protests, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has answered calls to resign.
Puerto Ricans have been marching through San Juan to protest allegations of corruption and offensive messages published during the "Chatgate" scandal.
“You’re a man on an island by yourself,” the Fox News host said. “How long can you stay there?”
The president cited his "many Puerto Rican friends" and the success of two Miss Universe pageants hosted on the island as evidence of his claim.
Leaked online chats between Rosselló and other officials sparked outrage across the U.S. island territory.
Relentless financial hardship and climate change were already pushing the island to the brink.
Gov. Ricardo Rosselló has refused to step down after leaked messages between him and other officials sparked outrage last week.
Former Education Secretary Julia Keleher was among six Puerto Rican officials accused of steering federal money to unqualified, politically connected contractors.
Salvatore Anello was reportedly holding his 18-month-old granddaughter when she slipped from his hands and fell 150 feet to a cruise ship deck.
The questions include trivia like what kind of meat is in a plantain fritter, according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.
After the pop star denounced a bill allowing government employees to avoid serving certain constituents, Puerto Rico's governor withdrew his support of it.
President Trump has called the aid legislation "great" and signaled that he would sign it.
The measure would assist victims of disasters over the last two years, from hurricanes in the Southeast to Midwestern flooding and California wildfires.
After Hurricane María plunged Vieques into darkness, Tesla's arrival heralded the dawn of a microgrid future. But it wasn't that easy.
“The communities in the diaspora in Florida, in Chicago, in New York and Connecticut, they just came through.”