Herewith, the seven things you should never say to a senior dog owner because, we, like our dogs, have feelings too.
Because you pretty much own a cuddly, furry raisin with legs.
This holiday season, should you pass by a pug, fawn or black, big or small, left or right left lifted, include him in your reindeer games. He's not a misfit, and he's not a toy. He just wants to love you.
When Charley brought home an adorable mini pig named Otis, he was a little nervous to see how Bella the pug would react to the newest family member. Thankfully, their owner filmed their first encounter because it's too precious for words!
All images courtesy of the Michigan Humane Society. In her work, Johnson regularly deals with serious cases. Fortunately
This is just good life advice. Cuddly, snuggly, puggly life advice.