"The idea is to explore the gendered lines, keeping within the traditional framework."
We each found a seat and he slowly pushed and paddled his way out of the crowded loading area, his copilot pushing other boats away so we could break free and out onto the river. My heart was pounding as I clicked away, hoping my camera was catching some of the magic!
On Aug. 21 this year, Hindus all over the world celebrate Raksha Bandhan or Rahki -- a time dedicated to the love and caring between brothers and sisters.
As I stepped barefoot through the lake's sacred gateway, a man drizzled orange flower petals into my palm.
When I arrived, Varanasi reminded me of a filthy, disheveled Venice, but where Venice is like a living museum, Varanasi teems with life.
The most fun experience one can have in India, if you have an extra twenty dollars, is take a street child to buy her new clothes.