The UpStairs Lounge attack was the largest in U.S. history to target the LGBTQ community until 2016, when it was surpassed by the Pulse nightclub massacre.
Guns have been around for centuries, but no nation has embraced the firearm like the United States. Nearly half of all civilian-owned guns belong to Americans. From cowboy movies to action films, from the Winchester rifle to the AR-15, what are the roots of America’s gun obsession?
Mark Henson, 63, now faces a charge of felony criminal mischief for the Oct. 12 blaze.
Security video from the incident shows an unknown suspect setting an outdoor wall displaying banners, photos and flowers ablaze.
Co-produced by several French architects, the concept includes a reflecting pool with rainbow-colored lines radiating from it.
Wolf has spent the two years since the shooting speaking out about what happened to him and his friends -- and what needs to change in America.
Officers could have prevented deaths by entering the Florida nightclub sooner, the lawsuit argues.
And another, smaller injustice was obscured: the sadistic prosecution of Noor Salman.
Opening statements in the federal terrorism trial began on Wednesday.
At present, authorities have few leads in the disturbing case.