pulse shooting

Five years after the deadly mass shooting, the legislation will create a national memorial at the gay nightclub in Orlando where 49 people were killed.
Elizabeth McCarthy claimed to have removed 77 bullets from dozens of injured clubgoers. She's now admitting it was a lie.
The comedian acknowledged the "beautiful lives cut short by senseless evil" before meeting with the mother of one of the 49 victims.
Looking back at an unspeakable tragedy – and looking ahead for the communities that will never be the same.
“We will not let hate win.”
An ad seeking volunteers for the Chicago event reportedly sought dancers and shooting victims.
The team raised a No. 49 banner inscribed with the names of those killed.
The suspect allegedly posted anti-Islamic material online.
The calls offer a harrowing glimpse inside the Pulse nightclub.
Instagram   Sadly, these are far from occasional needs. Orlando was such a tragedy, and the vigils and the responses have
It’s sad to think that it could take this kind of massacre to bring our community together,
For years and reasons that no longer matter, I've carefully placed protective layers over my heart. You would not know this
Poets 4 Orlando Imagine Central Park was a vigil for the Pulse victims, as well as anyone who felt victimized, lost, or otherwise distraught by the tragic event. What follows is the poem I wrote and read for a community -- a mix of LGBTQ, POC, and allies -- in mourning.
Skull thangka by Lena Hades in aid for victims of Orlando, Nice, Lake Syamozero in Karelia, in aid for Aleksey Karas and