He called an apostrophe a hyphen. And, really, what's an apostrophe doing in his Adam Schiff insult anyway?
Officials noted that "proper punctuation... is necessary" for Lori Loughlin's daughter to trademark "Olivia Jade Beauty."
Women who use the punctuation mark challenge the sexist notion that “female” qualities are antithetical to good leadership.
At least as odd as the "No problem" response--or maybe more--is when the called for "Thank you" is absent. In the South, where
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The absence of periods in texts means the punctuation mark is dying. Or maybe not.
Answers by Mary Norris, author of Between You & Me, copy editor at The New Yorker, on Quora. And then there is the comma
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When it comes to texts and emails, rules need not apply.
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Tumblr 2. Proper Punctuation 5. Take Your Time Remember to always put your best digital foot forward and take the time to
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Just the quotation marks, apostrophes, and exclamation points. Period.
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Although shaking your fist does burn calories.
Precise punctuation provides the traffic signal that makes reading--and communication--quick and easy. Three related punctuation
Hyphenation can be tricky. There's widespread confusion, it seems, about when and how the tiny line segments should and shouldn't be used. With so many instances in which people guess wrong, covering all the misuses would take acres of the Internet.
You're late everywhere. Troubling, isn't it? You know punctuality would keep you on good terms with your colleagues, your clients and your boss.Yet you're perpetually tardy, and it's hard -- almost impossible -- to be early.