Our capital punishment practices are unconstitutional. Period.
Police say the body is "most likely" that of Sherin Mathews, the 3-year-old Texas girl missing for more than two weeks.
So because every child that we parent is made in the image of God, it is indeed important to work to know them. We want to
It is critical to distinguish between discipline and punishment. Discipline actually means to teach, and it is a much more useful concept for parenting and one that becomes increasingly important in early and middle childhood.
Your two-year-old refuses to share his toy with your friend's child. He snatches back his Thomas train. You are embarrassed, send him to his room for a time out, and tell him to come out when he's ready to apologize.
Punishment is just what is sounds like; it's the opposite of reinforcement. You punish a behavior to make it disappear. Your
Some households are noisy and full of roughhousing. Others are quiet and easy going. If the your household has been aggressive for a long time it wears on everyone in the family and emotional temperatures flare. Individuals lose sight of how to regulate their emotions to a talking level even though outside the house they may know how to keep in control.
Alas, you may go through this many, many times until she gets it. It's important to realize she's not a "bad child" just
The marks of a schoolboy beating heal, but the mental scars never really go away. But many years on, you don't expect to wake up in the freest and most enlightened country in the world to discover that corporal punishment at school is alive and kicking.
Before we decide what the proper sentence is in a particular criminal case, we should be able to explain what purpose the punishment serves.
Parental Intelligence is a concept that teaches parents how to become "meaning-makers." That is, they learn to find the meaning behind their child's puzzling behavior by following five steps that lead to understanding and problem solving.
In this time when our self-inflicted troubles seem so obvious but the possibility of change -- that is to say, political transformation, through awareness, compassion and common sense -- feels more illusory than ever, something extraordinary, that is to say real, is on the brink of happening in Chicago.
"If you don't like gay marriage, you don't have to have one." So goes a standard admonition in our culture wars. This quip can be applied not only to same sex marriage but also to a host of other controversial issues.
Here's an example. With Parental Intelligence you don't jump to consequences such as punishment off the bat because first