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The former Black Flag frontman said Trump is only speeding up what his supporters fear most.
Seattle musician Brian Barton vanished 12 years ago.
With an album released, regular gigs, and an expanding legion of fans adoring her hypnotic presence, Bobbi was on top of
Jennifer Clavin: You get lost in this world where it's just you and the music. Recently, I was able to chat with the sisters
Toronto's Mod Club, where The Story So Far performed Sunday, has since banned the group.
I pull into the driveway of the fabulous and famous "kitschy cool" house (you may have seen before, on the pages of prestigious
So Audi essentially made a commercial about the awesomeness of technology that features a song that warns about the dangers
The Seattle-based indie rock band Wimps has this impeccable way of make short, vivacious songs about the most specific of things that happen to all of us in our everyday lives, but we sometimes don't even acknowledge its presence.
It's been four decades since the release of Patti Smith's landmark debut Horses, which has been hailed by Rolling Stone as one of the top 100 albums of all time. Since then, she has unleashed ten other studio projects.
When you were cutting your teeth in the hardcore scene, what was it about that all that influenced your band? The Black Dahlia
I caught up with this living legend in the days following the success of the campaign, with a few days left to raise more funds to afford more material to be recorded.
Busting out of the late 1970s punk rock scene in London, England, The Damned was on the forefront of a cultural movement that still feels its reverberations over 40 years later.
As it was for the bands in L.A., so too was it for the photographers on the scene. The footsteps of the great Ed Colver were impossible to fill.
He had red hair, cut into a short mohawk. He weaved, he drooled, he swore. His thick Scottish accent was made unintelligible by drink, but every third word was a swear, and I heard the phrase "beautiful bride", and "photo with my boy".
"We haven't had any bands in the pop-punk/emo genre contact us first, yet, but we are seeing as time goes by that more and
When keeping journals there becomes a place where irony and life's absurdities can gather, where momentary glances at something sad, blurred or treasured out of a car window or a shadow of a thought held from the hard light of day can be scrawled down or deliberately caught in the move of a pen - the color sometimes chosen carefully, sometimes done with what's at hand.
Within all the disorder of The Armed's music and their live show, it all feels like a microcosm of how we all try to fit into all the craziness going on in the world.
Snarky, cynical and jaded, especially when it comes to ex-girlfriends, their latest three-song EP Massive Nights is fun and masterfully danceable, with lyrics anyone who's been scorched by an ex will easily relate to, and probably turn up to full volume.