puppy rescue

Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter FRESNO, Calif. (AP) -- A puppy in California apparently is doing OK after he fell
(h/t The Dodo) The Daily Mail identified the officer as 34-year-old Juan Manuel Iman Zena, who said (of course): "I was only
Sunshine Haven workers suspect that because of the nature of her injuries, Gladys may have been used as an attack dog to
After turning Mojo over to veterinarians at the Atlantic Vet College, Wagner took to Facebook to not only rally financial
Fortunately, Moore said the two adult dogs and puppy "are doing great now" thanks to the work of Graham and his fellow firefighters
Nina, an animal lover, asked before she was even halfway out, "Can we keep it?" In other recent adorable puppy-heroism news
"She shook all night," he told the paper (video above). That morning, Johnson brought Baby back to Demens Landing, where
When we adopt an animal, people pat us on the back and congratulate us for saving a life. How noble! How selfless! How silly. Anyone who has adopted an animal knows that choosing the animal is seldom a part of the process.
Another week, another litter of puppies! No-kill shelter Lifeline Puppy Rescue saves puppies every week from euthanasia at
Daniel got a second opinion from another vet, who found that "the rumors of Harper’s demise were greatly exaggerated. Her