When pets act as the ring bearer, flower girl or best dog, you know it's going to be adorable.
In the moments after my 11-year-old pup passed away, I kissed her head, wrapped her still warm body in an old slipcover, and texted my partner Colin about her death, letting him know I'd call him after I got things sorted out.
When I first heard about Barklyn Organics, I liked the idea of it. I've always fed my pups high quality food, but as I poured the 'Catch of the Day' blend, I knew it was different.
This pool party is really poppin'! Every year, the Nampa Dog Park in Idaho hosts a puppy party as a fundraiser for the park
These 3-week-old Corgi pups are practicing using their short little legs to walk and climb, but some of them are having a
My little puppy has been passing with flying colors so far. He sits when told, stays, lies down and walks fantastically. He is the star of the school. That is until I noticed that he never stares at the teacher.
3. Watch for Heat Stroke Follow me on Twitter and Facebook! Bugs aren't just annoying, they can be dangerous too. Mosquito