But before you go, "OMG I NEED ONE," here are some things to keep in mind.
With the Westminster Kennel Club dog show recently on TV, it inevitably stirs debate about purebred dogs.
What we do know for certain is that the emotion of jealousy, when acted upon, can have significant psychological and social consequences. The researchers hope future studies will further explore the triggers and internal drivers of jealousy.
"When you hear purebred you should think inbred. Kennel clubs prohibit purebred dogs from ever mating outside their breed
Here's another suggestion to the Show impresarios. How about letting spayed and neutered dogs into the ring, which is currently
It turned out the dog had a litany of health problems, the worst a congenital liver defect that lead to more side effects
Although I repeat that there’s nothing inherently wrong with purebred pets, the reality is that a surprisingly tiny percentage
If you’re smitten with the idea of sharing your home with a purebred dog, chances are that there’s a breed rescue group or
Kudos to the Obama family. They researched the best breed that fit their family, they consulted Ted Kennedy, who has Portuguese Water Dogs, and they "adopted" a dog that had been returned.