2. You can't fight mothers or nature. Early 20th century child-rearing experts were a grim lot, cautioning mothers against
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Scientists and health experts have predicted a bacterial apocalypse as people become resistant to existing antibiotics and
There's a reason Purell sounds so much like "pure hell."
Commonly used active ingredients in healthcare antiseptics include alcohol and iodine. Data suggests that, for at least some
With wearable technology, data will become the new astrology. We will use it to divine our personal futures and deconstruct our present. It will alter the "human ideal" and change the meaning of what we think of as "success."
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It’s actually pretty amazing.
When I glance at J's proud display of her rainbow of sanitizers in her bedroom, I can't help but think there are worse things than germ-free tangerine-scented hands.
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Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame is a big deal for anyone, and recent recipient John Cusack got a round of applause
The first hour of Steven Soderbergh's Contagion is so tense that you can almost forgive the second half for getting bogged down.
The great debate is on. Did W. Bush smear his hand on the backside of Bill Clinton's shirt after a Haitian hand shake out of obsessive germ phobia or was it a case of blatant and insulting racism?
• Ask the nursing staff ahead of time if it's okay to bring in food. The patient may be on a liquid diet and it would be
In a country obsessed with germs and sickness, antibacterial soaps and sanitizers are becoming more and more common. But