More than 80 Jewish centers have received at least 120 threats since the beginning of the year.
Jewish institutions of all sorts across America have no choice but to be cautious.
"O Wagner, westward bring thy heavenly art, No trifler thou: Siegfried and Wotan be Names for big ballads of the modern heart
Purim is most closely associated with costumes, triangular pastries called Hamantaschen, and howls of hatred each time the name of the Jews' genocidal nemesis, Haman, is read from the Book of Esther.
Sadly, I've come to expect that many Christians think that "the Jews" killed Jesus. They grew up in churches where clergy have irresponsibly used the Gospel of John on Good Friday without contextualizing the use of the phrase "the Jews" which litters the text.
When we are motivated by a love for the transcendent values of God, Torah and the Jewish people, our differences bolster us in the face of assault. But there is no such love among Jewish activists who work to punish and demonize Israel on the world stage as our enemies look on gleefully.
Purim is a boisterous feast for many Jewish people around the world.
Purim is upon us and this year (2016) it falls during the Christian Holy Week. In some ways these two holidays could not seem more different.
In the midst of this volatile election season, allow me to present a Purim parody featuring the brave Esther/Hillary, the righteous Mordecai/Bernie and their divisive opponent, Haman/Donald.​
You never know the difference you could make in changing the toxic discourse we face in our political climate right now. A
The Jewish people have constantly been under attack. From ancient times (Romans, Greeks, Philistines, Babylonians) to present
As an African-American Jewish woman, I endeavor to see the hand of God in all things. How else do I and my people, both of them, come to be standing here, still whole, after all that has been done to erase and diminish our existence on this earth?
Turning ghouls into a street party to ward away our nightmares or playing up lethal anti-Semites to downplay our real fears is all in the human spirit. So why do we dress up and have fun on days that represent evil? To confront it or hide from it?
Today's meditation features a song sung on the Jewish holiday of Purim. "Chag Purim" captures the liveliness of the holiday
For Netanyahu, the story of Purim, which comes from the Book of Esther, was a story about Jewish survival in the face of intended annihilation. But he forgot to finish the story.
Purim is a great drama. It is also a symbol of what our world can be when we abolish the disunity between us. As then, so now, it has to start from the Jews. "Love your neighbor as yourself" was given to us first.
For Hannah -- and for many young children -- the point of hide and seek is to be found. Over time, however, we start to get lost. We hide from ourselves. We hide from what we know is right. We start to hide from God.