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OK, so you know a lot about your pet. For instance, you know how he loves getting that spot -- yes, that one -- on his belly
Thousands of pets died in 2007. The pet food industry still has plenty of problems.
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Dog foods are more than the sum of their parts. Think of it this way: if someone is a bad cook, it doesn't really matter if they use the finest ingredients. The meal they make can be inedible. On the other hand, a good cook can take humble ingredients and make a delicious meal.
A class-action lawsuit claims a popular brand of dog food is responsible for poisoning and even killing thousands of dogs.
ST. LOUIS -- In celebration of Mardi Gras, St. Louis dogs (and one pig) gathered in the historic French neighborhood of Soulard
Studies show as many as 48 percent of people in abusive situations stay out of concern for their pets' safety, and more than 70 percent of pet owners entering shelters report their batterer had threatened, injured or killed their pets. But despite this issue, most domestic violence shelters only take humans -- no pets are allowed.