purity rings

The "Game of Thrones" star hilariously "set the record straight" during a comedy roast of The Jonas Brothers for Netflix.
Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost Weddings on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Despite her role as a sexy vixen in the film
With all of the sex scandals in Hollywood, it's easy to think that celebrities are quick to jump into bed. Some celebs (claimed
Yes, that's right ... the Purity Bear. It's not a joke or a parody, and this cuddly creature's aim is to keep teen boys away from the dangerous gates of female sexual temptation.
Why disappoint your fans? Why not stick to doing what you do best, and by that I mean wearing scarves and trimming your bushy eyebrows so they don't grow down into your eyes?
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Other celebrity purity endorsers include Jordin Sparks, Jessica Simpson (who, apparently and amazingly, kept her pledge), Victoria's