Cargo pants can be hazardous to your life. Once the go-to pants for men who don't carry purses -- cargo pants are a problem for a growing segment of boomers and geezers.
Everyone wants mom to feel special and sending flowers year after year can become a bit repetitive.
27 Must-See Celebrity Prom Throwback Photos OK, fine, "on sale" in this instance means it auctioned for $298,000, which is
This post originally appeared on Map Happy. Here are the purse essentials that I keep in my bag: Business tripping is definitely
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"We need at least five minutes for the oohing and ahhing over the coats."
Finding a nice, affordable and practical bag is like finding a needle in a haystack. It needs to be big enough to fit all
So we were pretty thrilled to stumble across SOLSAK bags, purses made with a special compartment for holding shoes. Genius
Purses and wallets are gendered spaces. Like the use of urinals in men's restrooms, wallets and purses are a way of producing understandings of gender difference rather than as a natural consequence of differences.
Clare Vivier - 239 Elizabeth Street Paris chic meets American usability in this new brand from Los Angeles (the bags are
We modern women have overstuffed bags to match our overstuffed lives -- beauty products, snacks and a zillion Apple products
I have to admit that my love for handbags will never disappear. I still love its practicality of letting me carry my ever-growing list of essentials that I must have with me at times.
6) Discover The No. 1 Aggravation Saver An outside pocket for a cell phone is a must. “No matter how nice a bag is, if it
By Amber Kallor With this list, there will be no more purses squashed in your closet, no more impulse bag buys, no more hoarding
Boxed wine just went couture, with a line by Swedish company Vernissage.
Five years ago, my husband bought me a purse for my birthday, which I have carried every single day since then. It is, needless to say, completely worn out, and I really need a new one.
My life has never been the same since March 6, 1993. The day I lost the best thing that ever happened to me... 51-year-old, Gail Parker. My mother, my best friend, my heart and my soul.
Bags, purses, pocketbooks, clutches, you name it, women love 'em. We'll skip a few months' rent to buy this season's latest