Murses come in a variety of styles and have become a hot accessory.
Royals portraits rarely include purses, but the queen's Launer London handbag has a prominent spot in the newest painting.
Image: Disney Editions Disney Books There are many books out there about Walt Disney, the Walt Disney Company and the Disney
This $11 bag is dino-mite and was made by a student with autism.
Have you ever carried one of those cute and small clutch purses with you to a wedding, party or other fun social event? They
I don't like to borrow things. I have a terrible track record. Invariably, I'll lose it. I'll break it. Or I will forget to return it.
Let me preface this with: I am not a Earth-mother-crunch-vegan-chakra goddess whatsoever. However, after becoming a pet owner and growing more informed about the industrial practices that harm animals in both this country and beyond, my conscience has been tapping me on the shoulder.
The survey revealed that young people chasing jobs in fashion are thinking about sustainability, career growth potential and a positive work environment.
2. Tissues. Preferably said tissues are in cartoon character packaging. If not, it's ok. It's most important to have something
From holiday parties to New Year's Eve festivities there will be plenty of opportunities this month to wear glamorous makeup and accessories. This festive time of year is all about looking effortlessly polished, and there is no better way to ring in the holidays than with these must have products that will help you look your best from head to toe. These items are also excellent gifts ideas for your fashionista friends and family!
I turned the large grey bag over in my hands, admiring the luscious purple lining and shiny metal buckle. The chrome reminded