Oh, there may be fighting, but it won’t be race vs. race.
Driving consumer engagement in apps has become a top challenge for mobile marketers and developers. Because it's so expensive and difficult to get noticed on the App Store in the first place, making sure you engage any consumer who has already downloaded your app is essential.
The problem President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel face is that Putin holds the far stronger hand in the poker match. He can act quickly and decisively without worrying about his rubber-stamp Duma and an approving Russian public. He has a plan -- dominate and neutralize the countries around Russia to create a buffer zone from his adversaries NATO and the European Union. Obama and Merkel are playing a much weaker hand. They have wisely decided not to use their strongest card -- NATO's far stronger military -- to counter Putin's aggression.
Jaye Moon in Manhattan. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Claire Rojas in Miami for Wynwood Walls. (photo © Jaime Rojo) CORRECTION: A
Step Four:  Create an environment that makes success convenient. Step one: Make room for the new.   Create the environment
Sunday Dec. 4 marked day 50 of Occupy Phoenix. The movement that many pundits dismissed as the political equivalent of "Seinfeld" i.e., a movement about nothing--scored a triple play of successes this week.
After several complaints from parents, school leaders have pulled a national bestseller novel from middle schools shelves
Sapphire's newest book, The Kid, is somewhat of a sequel to Push. It will focus on the son of the main character "as he approaches
Whether your farm fits in a window box or spans several acres, ensure a truly green thumb with these Earth-friendly gardening gizmos.
Seth Godin, who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs be productive, says that business people never realize that with a little bit of push, they can move past a seeming dead end and reach business success. I hope that is true in my case.
After winning an Oscar for Precious, one wonders if screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher needed to go into a warm, happy place after being around such dark material for so long.
Several films nominated for best picture this year are based on books, which might be a literary accomplishment if there
A huge crowd turned out to hear what the poet and author who goes only by the name Sapphire had to say -- so big that by
Almost every African-American knows, is related to, or is acquainted with a Precious Jones or her mother, Mary.
Our greatest vampire hunter? Thousands of books have been written about Abraham Lincoln, but none, until now, has dealt with
It is no accident that the hopes of Precious become manifest when she learns to read and write and she begins to do both, voraciously. It is through reading and writing that Precious finds her own life and her own voice.
Barbara Kingsolver on "The Lacuna," how she came up with the name (and how her family felt about it) and her own recent relocation
Here's the brief but delightful chat I had with Gabourey Sidibe about her brutally honest portrayal in Precious and what it's meant for her ...
MySpace announced that it is set to develop a new video outlet with help from Hulu. The social network, which has lost a
Believe it, b**ches. And don't forget the apostrophe. As far as I'm concerned, Mo'Nique could take Meryl Streep in an Oscar bar fight one-handed - and clean the floor with her.