push girls

"Dance is dance, whether you are walking or you're rolling."
Chelsie Hill was a dancer long before a drunk-driving accident put her in a wheelchair. She continues this pursuit by performing around the country with her fellow disabled dance group who are redefining what it means to be a dancer.
I just can't stand the idea of being labeled. Yeah, I know we all do it. It is just an easy way to define people. As I live with paralysis, I realize that labels are more confining than my wheelchair.
I've been fortunate to find open-minded individuals who realized even though I use a wheelchair, I work just as hard as anybody else. My hope is that some day, business owners will not have to know someone personally to care about making their environment accessible.
Like a lot of childless women in their 40s, I hear my biological clock ticking and am thinking about starting a family with my husband. Unlike a lot of my fellow mothers-to-be, I'm paraplegic.