Puss in Boots

Banderas, who stars in the latest “Shrek” film, discussed his changed perspective after his 2017 heart attack.
Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek talk about their new film, Puss In Boots, the animated feature that sees the popular character from the Shrek series return.Banderas and Hayek talk about watching the film through their children's eyes and what a baby cat between their two characters would be called.
Say hello to the streaming service's "interactive storytelling."
When it comes to the Golden Collar Awards race, how could not only Puss, but all felines, be shut out? Cats wear collars too.
I saw a lot of really good movies this year, and I see no reason not to celebrate as many of them as I can get away with. So now, in alphabetical order, the 10 'runner-ups' of the year.