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Given that the price of oil is likely to remain low, Asian financiers -- even the Chinese -- do not seem eager to refinance Russian companies, and sanctions are unlikely to be lifted.
"We do not agree with the courts' decisions and will appeal them according to established procedures. We will continue to
Putin's professional career was twice overturned by the democratic process, and consequently he sees it as his greatest threat.
Federico Ghizzoni, UniCredit's chief executive, also expressed confidence. "The bank seems strong enough to go through this
Despite this show of European unity, Sikorski said “the Russian actions in Ukraine don't make us feel more secure, but less
The annexation of Crimea guaranteed the long-term security of the Sevastopol base. But that was only one of several concerns for Russia raised by the conduct and composition of the new Ukrainian government. Other equally important concerns remain, and until they are addressed, Russia will continue to apply pressure on Kiev. Given the current and likely future underrepresentation of eastern Ukraine in the central government, Russia insists that Ukraine be transformed from a highly centralized unitary state into a highly decentralized federal state in which the regions control their economy, taxes, culture, language and education.
Dulling Putin's knife and ending the Ukraine crisis peacefully depends largely on the EU. Sanctions will not impress Putin (he and his cronies are isolating Russia economically and financially more effectively than most sanctions could); peaceful yet tangible political steps within Europe will. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has made the right suggestion here: prompt establishment of a European energy union, starting with the market for natural gas and including joint external representation and a common pricing policy. This step, combined with further differentiation among supplier countries and progress toward implementing renewable-energy technologies, would invert the balance of power between the EU (Russia's most important customer for oil and natural gas) and the Kremlin.
The sources said the one thing that might prevent the EU and the United States from moving ahead with the sanctions on Monday
Amid the Crimea unrest, the E.U. and the U.S. extend sanctions on Russian officials -- and Russian officials hit right back with sanctions on our own lawmakers, who are more than happy to bear the burden.
MOSCOW, March 21 (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin said on Friday Russia should for the time being refrain from imposing