Predicting the course of the coming Trump presidency could be an Olympic sport. The president-elect evidences strong opinions but little knowledge of many issues. Moreover, he usually was short on specifics: for instance, what would it mean to "bomb the shit" out of ISIS?
Existing U.S. alliances and other priorities make it hard for the Obama administration to respond.
Return to a peaceful solution for all parties is needed and urgent but quite difficult and complicated in the emerging picture in the region, which has similarities with the picture of the 1990s.
This is from the first installment in The Huffington Post's new "Ambassadors Unplugged" series, which will interview prominent
But Turkey maintains that the reports are untrue. “Claims that the vehicle reached the border gate by crossing through Turkish
Justin Bieber pulled a Lady Gaga and enlisted R. Kelly for his latest single. Called "PYD," the boundary-pushing song has
n a region which is no stranger to ironic twists, however, it should come as no surprise that this long-persecuted ethnic group has emerged as a kingmaker in a battle which will undoubtedly shape the face of the region for years to come.