Susan Brind Morrow has developed a new translation of the world's oldest sacred texts.
"We have several hypotheses but no conclusion for the moment."
Scientists hope to learn more about the structures' internal architecture -- and to uncover hidden chambers and other secrets.
Looking for a place a little, er, unconventional to tie the knot? How about on top of a 2,000-year-old Maya pyramid? Or maybe in a church named after 11,000 virgins? Or on a beach where old-time movie stars used to whoop it up? If ideas like these ring a bell, consider these 10 spots south of the border.
Miley Cyrus, take notes. And then burn them. On Monday, Jimmy Fallon challenged "Dumb and Dumber To" star Jeff Daniels to
Turns out there is a straightforward explanation for the rock. Project scientist John Grotzinger told The Independent that
Exactly eighty-eight years after another historic Egyptian discovery, archaeologists conducting a routine dig Thursday unearthed
Via Curbed LA: We wrote about this Beverly Hills Contemporary back in March when it went on the market for a whopping $18.9
The braces on my teeth ought to be called the Great Project of Geezer. This architectural marvel has been engineered and constructed by Dr. Ben Murray, an orthodontic resident at the Stony Brook University.