pyramid scheme

If you have to buy your own inventory up front, run.
A former Mary Kay consultant recounts how the multilevel marketing company kept her loyal, even though she wasn't making any money.
Multilevel marketing companies sell women on the dream of being their own boss, yet as many as 99% may end up losing money.
Prosecutors say the stash is part of a pyramid scheme.
And he enlisted the help of actor Jaime Camil to warn bilingual audiences.
Unfortunately this game also has countless untold casualties. Only one in a thousand startups reach their Initial Public
For example, Galka said hedge funds that invest in pharmaceutical companies may request information from the Food and Drug
Tell us about the visuals for "Missing Me". What's the concept of the video? With music influenced by electro-soul and indie
I cannot stand by when a company like Herbalife has the audacity to publicly proclaim they provide opportunities for Latinas -- neglecting to mention that it is under investigation by the SEC, the FTC and multiple state Attorneys General for intentionally targeting and scamming Hispanic customers.
Nevertheless, it has sparked an aggressive backlash. Most of the activity from DOJ so far has focused on payday lenders that