It took Flight QF7879, which connected New York to Sydney, 19 hours and 16 minutes to complete its 10,066-mile journey.
You're listening in on the cabin crew communicating.
Tourism companies are prioritizing customer experience by launching customized services that meet the needs of Asian customers
This brings up an interesting question. Should we gauge the longest flight by distance traveled, or by time spent in the
When I was writing "Decoding Air Travel," I mentioned the problem to Wally Mariani, then-vice president for the Americas
Long flights can be a drag, but there's nothing better to make the time fly and take your mind off cramped economy quarters than a good in-flight entertainment system.
The Hopper app is perfect -- not only will it watch regular routes and flash sales for you, but we'll also notify you when we see a mistake fare on our radar. Hopper watches billions of flight prices every day, so we spot those mistake fares in real time. Then we pass the savings onto you.