qassem soleimani

The Justice Department says Iran engaged in a murder-for-hire scheme targeting the former national security advisor.
A threat to crash a plane into the U.S. Capitol was broadcast on a New York air traffic control system by someone vowing revenge for the Iranian general's death.
A question about the assassination of Qassem Soleimani did little to draw contrasts between how the candidates would deal with bad actors abroad.
He was “saying bad things about our country," Trump told donors. “How much of this s**t do we have to listen to?”
"Late Show" host hits the president for failing to get his story straight on Iran.
The defense secretary said Iran planned to target the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad but couldn't back up the president's claim about the other locations.
Iran initially denied that a missile downed the Ukrainian airliner for days.
"Either Fox News gets higher level briefings than Congress ... or ... wait for it ... there was no such imminent threat," charged Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy.
White House press aide Hogan Gidley claimed the U.S. killed Libya's Muammar Gaddafi and said Osama bin Laden was killed without congressional approval.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted Friday that despite the lack of specifics, the attacks were really, really imminent.