"But surely a wish to die is not necessarily a symptom of insanity? A man might want to die for perfectly sane reasons." Harrison
(Spoiler alert) In the end, Will carries through his decision to end his life. Lou, who at first leaves him because she cannot
Yes, yes, I know, we have to get through a summer chocked full of juvenilia, digitized end-of-the-world mayhem, and gallons upon gallons of blood accompanying screams and gore galore. And then, of course, serious cinema heavyweight award contenders throughout the fall. Okay, yes, of course.
Louisa Clark has never seen such an array of medicines other than in a pharmacy. After introducing Louisa (Lou) to the apothecarial responsibilities, Nathan, the unflappable nurse, explains that the patient may need a little help in getting the medicines down.
When a friend first told me about this amazing trip, "Pilgrimage of Walking Prayer, Magic, Miracles and Mystery on the Camino", I thought there is no way I could afford to do that! Walking the El Camino in France and Spain?
The accomplished pilot's adventures are not over. He's preparing to take a four-month solo trip down Australia's longest
A soldier who did a tour of duty in Afghanistan and now suffers from paralysis and an inability to speak was allegedly sexually abused by his male nurse.
The son remains an active member of the military and was a sharpshooter who did a tour of duty in Afghanistan from June 2011