quadruple amputee

Travis Mills is one of just five soldiers from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to live through a quadruple amputation.
Mills has been a positive force for wounded veterans for years. Dubbed the "mayor" of Walter Reed Medical Center while recovering
There's nothing like walking the runway at New York Fashion Week to renew a woman's self-confidence. Moved to tears by Crespo's
It’s his foundation, his wife and young daughter and the servicemen with whom he went to combat that keep Mills motivated
Croizon said he had been contacted by Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and was overwhelmed by the amount of well-wishers
"I feel sad and angry," he said. "Let them keep the trailer if they want, but at least give back the wheelchair." He has
"VA does not have a specific policy regarding provision of power chairs to amputees," Mark Ballesteros, a VA spokesperson
In the summer of 2008, when he was 8 years old and just coming into his own as a star athlete, both his hands and both his
Morris and Kelly were first put into the spotlight in May when the Chive posted a story about the couple with a series of
When a third-grade math teacher had all four limbs amputated, it was her students who taught her a lesson in moving forward