quadruple amputee

Travis Mills is one of just five soldiers from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to live through a quadruple amputation.
In 2013, a physical therapist at the hospital told Fox News that Mills "walks in [to patients' rooms] with his four prosthetics
But it was designer Carrie Hammer's model selection for her New York fashion show last February that gave Crespo the inspiration
In 2012, Mills was critically injured after stepping on an improvised explosive device during his third tour in Afghanistan
Croizon, who lost his arms and legs in an electrical accident when he was 26, said the bus driver had taken the wheelchair
Croizon, a former metal-worker, had all four limbs amputated in 1994 from the elbows and knees after being struck by an electric
The VA Public Affairs office, cleared up the misconception that there exist policies that guarantee all multiple amputee
A Weston resident and seventh-grader at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, Michael is a quadruple amputee. Distributed
Morris and Kelly were first put into the spotlight in May when the Chive posted a story about the couple with a series of
"It's just really heartwarming, if you think about it,” Mekalian told the news outlet. “This started out as a group of 8
Earlier this year, Hodge’s organization teamed up with the Gary Sinise Foundation, established by the famed “Forrest Gump
"Tragically, an average of 18 veterans decides each day that those challenges are too overwhelming and chooses to end their
Croizon lost his arms and legs in 1994 after he was electrocuted while adjusting a television antennae on the roof, The New
Croizon made headlines in 2007 for parachuting from an airplane. He wrote a book about his experiences called "J'ai decide