"There are big things out there for them," says their mother.
Annegret Raunigk already has 13 children, which is quite an accomplishment, but her biggest feat will likely be giving birth to quadruplets at 65-years-old.
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Hospital officials released a statement on Saturday expressing condolences for the family but declined to provide any cause
We need doctors to make the best decision for the long-term health of the mom and the babies. If you take dollars and cents out of the equation, why would a fertility doctor ever transfer more than one embryo?
Dr. Alan Penzias, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School told CNN
The mother, who is from the Palestinian city of Rafah, gave birth to three boys and one girl, according to ABC News. Al-Shifa
What to call the whole deal? I mean "sets" of quadruplets, "sets" of quintuplets and so forth seems to miss the grandeur of the moment, and the challenge ahead for the parents of such miracles.
"This is two eggs, four babies," Negus told KTIV of her unusual pregnancy. "We're incredibly real blessed. I mean, there's
Now imagine how mortifying it would be if you couldn't tell them apart. "Teachers and classmates can't get confused with
These babies must have hit some kind of cool-stuff-in-life jackpot, because not only are they quadruplets, but they also
I have to take issue with the inappropriate comments complete strangers, friends, even family members feel they need to make to an already vulnerable -- and very emotional -- pregnant woman.
The Crouches' perfect batting average represents a first for Yale the first time in anyone's memory that it has offered admission