First, you must know C++. Know how to properly debug your code. Be able to architect game systems intelligently, i.e., look at how other similar systems have been implemented and work that design into your game. Stay transparent in how you code. Make sure your lead knows how you are solving the current problem. Keep focus on your work. Don't get randomized - stay on target. Finish games.
This article first appeared on QuietRev.com It was my second week of middle school, and I was terrified about my first science
This weekend's quake got plenty of news coverage, starting Sunday morning. So I thought it would be a good time to share my story from the "Big One," which starts with some generalized comments about earthquakes for the benefit of those who have never felt one.
Northern California's Bay Area was rocked by its largest earthquake in 25 years early Sunday morning. Tremors began just
An earthquake struck the eastern part of Indonesia measuring a 7.1 magnitude, the U.S. Geological Survey reported Saturday
(Reuters) - A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck 120 miles southeast of Mito off Japan's main Honshu island at 1931 GMT on Tuesday
2012-04-03-Screenshot20120403at9.26.01AM.jpgI spoke to Dr. Thomas Heaton to get a clearer picture of what early earthquake warning systems are and how they can save lives.
WASHINGTON -- A 2.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded in central Virginia on Saturday morning. The quake was centered about
What is it about this horrible disaster and the tragic aftermath -- we're on the brink of a nuclear meltdown, hello -- that is bringing out such stupid reactions?
Does the full $10 go to the Red Cross? Your text donation will support will support our disaster relief efforts to help those
For all we say about how social networks are changing the way we communicate and how they are impacting privacy standards, one thing is clear: in times of need they are absolutely invaluable.
2:10 PM ET -- Video of Obama's statement. The president spoke briefly just before 2pm ET at the White House. CHILE / PERU
UPDATE: 4:21 a.m. -- Chile earthquake pictures -- The two photos below were uploaded to Twitpic by @gonzalezcarcey and @richirocko
World Vision and other aid groups are conducting programs to meet basic needs beyond the life-saving focus of the initial disaster response.
The setup allows for real-time, almost-real-motion tracking of single neurons. That feat has eluded researchers who have
When disaster strikes the second disaster that looms is the efficiency and impact of the three R's - Response, Recovery and Reconstruction -- as seen by the poor response by FEMA after Hurricane Katrina.