quaker oats

Some of the oats company's quinoa granola bars may have been contaminated.
All of the volunteers I have crossed paths with in my role at Common Threads, the nonprofit organization that I co-founded, have one thing in common -- passion. When individuals have an opportunity to advance a cause they are passionate about, it is a powerful thing.
Relatives of the real life ‘Aunt Jemima’ are suing Quaker Oats for $2 billion on the grounds that they’ve been shorted revenue guaranteed in a forgotten agreement from the late 1800s.
The marketing types probably did not figure on the catchy phrase "Live for Now" as a likely target for environmental groups to latch on to, but latch on they did.
Andrew Luck's former Stanford teammate Jonathan Martin is at the center of an NFL scandal. Luck joins HuffPost Live to talk about his experience with "hazing" in the locker room.